Casa del Malaga - holiday rental in Alora

The Owners

Mi casa es su casa

Welcome to our Spanish home.


We decided to buy in Alora, near Malaga because we have spent many enjoyable holidays here, at different times throughout the year, and fell in love with the charming ambiance of the town and the Spanish way. My husband's parents have also been happily living here since 2001 which helped in our decision.


Since buying the property in 2008, we have completely renovated the property and fitted a brand new kitchen and 2 bathrooms. We have chosen a more modern approach but have also retained much of the traditional Spanish building work including the beautiful fireplace and beamed ceilings. We have 2 young boys who absolutely love their trips to Alora and so
we believe Alora is perfect for people of all ages - young and old, with or without children.


We try and go out there as much as we can as we find it’s such a great way to get away from it all. As soon as we arrive, we start to relax and enjoy the laid back nature of the Spanish way.


We hope you will choose to spend some time in our house and enjoy what we have to offer you as much as we do.



Why we chose a home in Alora

Our parents have lived in Alora as previously mentioned and we have grown very fond of the town and its lifestyle. Over the years we have also seen the investment in the small Spanish town creating a very local and fun place to spend our holidays, hence why we have bought our own holiday home here. It is very well placed as it has access to all the things that we enjoy including the lakes, beach, mountains (winter sports) and of course golf. We have made the home how we want it for our holidays so that, when we go away, we can enjoy a home from home experience. To get the most from the area it is advisable to get a small car to tour the local area (small as Spanish towns have very narrow streets!).


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